Some Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Repair


While cooling systems are usually reliable and can last for several years, like any other type of equipment problems can crop up from time to time. Here are some of the common reasons that technicians receive calls from people needing air conditioning services.

These kinds of problems typically result in a home or office not being properly cooled. Before a system fails, however, it will usually give some warning signs that can alert you to call a professional. By acting quickly, you may be able to address a small issue before it becomes a large problem.

A common problem involves a wailing noise that may start out as relatively minor but can become very loud. This usually means that there is a fan belt that has become dislodged. You could either handle this type of air conditioning repair on your own or call a technician. Either way, it is a relatively quick and simple fix. This would be a good time to also check the bearings in the fan motor to make sure they don’t need to be lubricated or replaced cooling and heating.

Another issue that occurs fairly frequently is that of frozen coils. When this happens, the unit will not be able to operate properly because coolant and air cannot flow freely. One of the ways of keeping this from happening is by making sure you replace your filter each month and keep your outside unit free of weeds, grass, and other debris.

If you notice any water coming from your inside system, have a professional come out to provide an air conditioning repair as soon as possible. If a leak is not fixed, water can lead to significant structural damage and lead to dangerous mold and mildew accumulation. More than likely, the cause will be a damaged condensation pan. There could, however, be other problems in your lines that are causing the leak.

There are also times, of course, where a system simply will not work at all and require a more advanced air conditioner repair. An experienced technician will be able to quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and fix it. If the compressor runs but the fan does not (or vice versa), if the unit works only some of the time, or if it either over-cools or does not cool enough, call a professional. Make sure you observe how the system is operating as closely as possible before you turn it off so that you can tell the technician what it’s doing. This will help the professional make an accurate diagnosis.

There are some problems that you may be able to fix yourself, but there are others that will require professional assistance. Call a technician before you try any sort of air conditioning repair on your own.

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